About Xtreme Beauty

For those who have never indulged in our extraordinary salon treatments we extend a warm invitation to come and enjoy!

We offer a range of waxing, threading, facial, nails and massages services to pamper skin and body and to provide therapeutic benefits including relaxation massage, hot stone and deep tissue.

We also offer microdermabrasion, peels, eye lash extension and perming, tinting and female and male waxing services and barbering. We have all qualified and experience beauty therapist available. We are a fast growing business with four branches in Auckland. We offer affordable and efficient waxing and threading with relaxing facial and massages.

Kesh, Director and Beauty Therapist

Making people look good, and empowering them to feel good and confident about themselves has been Kesh’s passion since she was a teenager. Her love for the beauty industry and her passion to continuously evolve as a professional and expand the business is what inspiring stories are about.

Married at the age of 20, Kesh refused to give up her dream of working in the beauty business even when she was overwhelmed with feeding bottles and nappy changes. As a young mother, Kesh supported her family by working as a cashier at a supermarket, whilst her husband Neil studied to be a teacher. Once Neil, trained as a teacher, Kesh couldn’t wait to enrol at the South Pacific academy of Beauty Therapy. It wasn’t long before that she proclaimed the title of the ‘highest in Theory Student’.

Working as a beauty therapist at various island resorts and spas in Fiji came easy to someone who lived and breathed the beauty business. However, it was on a holiday to New Zealand that Kesh got offered a job and ended up working seven-days-a-week in a Beauty clinic in Auckland. Following her `beauty’ful dream, Kesh not worked on the immigration process for her husband and children to New Zealand but also dared to start her own beauty business once she had enough work experience in Wellington and Auckland.

2015 marked the beginning of her tryst with success as Kesh took the leap of faith. She took the risk of opening the doors to Xtreme Beauty at Botany Junction. Life has not been easy! But when has that ever stopped a women from doing something. For the first six months, Kesh would anxiously wait for a trickle of clients. At times, keeping the business open from 9am-6pm with hardly any customers. Six months later, clients that had an experience of the Xtreme beauty treatments, decided never to leave. Word-of-mouth recommendations worked wonders.

The business gradually expanded. Encouraged by the tremendous response, there was no stopping Kesh as she opened a new Beachlands branch of Xtreme Beauty in 2017. Never the one to give up on a good challenge, she made the big decision of asking her husband Neil to give up his job in the airline industry and study barbering instead.

In the year 2018, Kesh further expanded her business by opening Xtreme Barbers in Beachlands and won industry awards along the way in 2019 and 2022. Xtreme Beauty Indian Newslink retail business of the year (2019, 2023), businesswomen of the year (2022), and NZ Fiji Times business women of the year.

Kesh has now added a brand new xtreme beauty clinic in Ormiston town centre in 2021. Having 3 kids and running a successful business is her biggest challenge. Kesh’s daughter Symentha, a qualified beauty therapist, has now joined the Xtreme Beauty Beachlands after completing her beauty therapy training from Elite beauty therapy, Auckland. Doing equally well is Xtreme Barbers that Neil runs with qualified and experience barbers. The much-in-demand, Kesh also a qualified Eyelash Technician from Lash Joy Academy Brisbane firmly believes that the formula for Xtreme success is simple: “Great service at a reasonable price”.

  • Threading

    Eyebrow threading is an efficient , fast and long lasting way to keep your face looking it’s best.

  • Massage

    We all need some pampering from time to time. Having a body massage is an easy way to do this.

  • Facial

    Amazing for your skin and a relaxing experience for your sole - facials are a must.