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Focus Care Comfort+ Complete Anti-Pollution Spritz

Focus Care Comfort+ Complete Anti-Pollution Spritz

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This light-weight, invisible, breahthable shield from Environ, offers complete protection with a scientifically perfected blend of intelligent anti-pollution ingredients, to counteract the harmful effects of pollution, for skin that feels calm and looks healthier. Rebalances the effects of the skin microbiome, protects against the blue-light induced free radicals, assists to strengthen the skin’s resistance to environmental aggressors, moisturises and supports a normalised and healthy-looking skin barrier.

How to use

Evenly spritz over the face and neck throughout the day to help cool and shield skin from pollution induced free radicals and other environmental aggressors. Can be used morning or evening, during exposure to indoor or outdoor pollutants.

To ensure the most effective Environ skincare products are prescribed, prior to the completion of sale, an in-depth skin consultation is required by one of our Environ skincare professionals.
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