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Medik8 illuminating eye balm

Medik8 illuminating eye balm

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Illuminating mineral pigments work to enhance the beauty of the delicate under eye area for a brighter and fresh look. The mineral tint effortlessly bounces light away from dark circles. The under eye area is prone to dehydration due to the skin being very thin, therefore Illuminating Eye Balm is expertly formulated with hydrating actives.

  1. Illuminating Eye Balm is expertly formulated with hydrating actives,hyaluronic acid and glycerin, to refresh and awaken the under eye. They work to draw moisture from both the lower layers of the skin and the environment to help add suppleness to this delicate area. 

  2. Cucumber extract, made up of 95% water is instantly revitalising and refreshing for the delicate eye area. 

  3. Red algae extract is rich in digeneaside, a sugary compound which helps to improve the appearance of puffiness. Ideal for everyday lightweight, natural coverage, this innovative formula blends seamlessly into all skin tones.

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